Volume 2 Coming August 2022

Did you miss me, dear readers? Or did you forget that I was a human person and that Hollow Reign is, in fact, a thing? Not gonna lie… I would completely understand if the latter was the case. Summer has arrived, the academic year is about to end, and that means it’s time for me to dust off the creative writing part of my brain and dive back in myself. What what means for you is that come August, in time for the second publish anniversary of our tale, biweekly chapters will resume.

This for me feels especially rewarding, as in just a few days, I will personally celebrate having worked on this series for a grand total of eighteen years. It’s hard for me to imagine myself having done anything for a grand total of eighteen years. And yet… the math adds up. Eighteen. I can’t wrap my mind around that at all.

I hope to bring you some additional updates soon and to perhaps offer you some other interesting things this year.

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