Should You Trust Your Narrator?

Evening, folks. Just thought I’d give a brief update for the blog. I just finished a first draft of Chapter 32 and technically of 33, too. That one is a special one, however. Super excited for ya’ll to see it in June of 2021. 😉 We’re also working on revising and doing finishing touches for Chapters 9 and 10, which will be up next Tuesday. Stuff is heating up and fun things are about to unfold, for sure. We also have some great updates coming to other parts of the site in terms of the art gallery.

The only story topic I have to touch on today is the question of the narrator. Your narrator in Hollow Reign is Pietro, as the story is told in first person. But can you trust them? 

They are certainly not a trickster. They do not lie to you purposefully, nor do they generally hide ulterior motives. What you read when you read Pietro’s narration is, without exception, their genuine perception of matters and events. When they tell you things about the Worlds and what they know of them, they are telling you what they believe to be true.  

Now, does that mean they’re always right, or that they’re working from a full base of knowledge and a perfect truth? Absolutely not. Keep that in mind, going forward…it may help you notice things you wouldn’t have otherwise. 😉    

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