So, 2020. Yeah. 2020 has been a bit of a jerk. I don’t say this in the naïve way of thinking, “well, everything will magically change in 2021,” because the truth is, most of the most challenging things 2020 has thrown at us (us, as in both Rowan and I and us as the general […]

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Should You Trust Your Narrator?

Evening, folks. Just thought I’d give a brief update for the blog. I just finished a first draft of Chapter 32 and technically of 33, too. That one is a special one, however. Super excited for ya’ll to see it in June of 2021. 😉 We’re also working on revising and doing finishing touches for […]

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A Little More About the Writer

Morning, friends! For my contribution to the Hollow Blog this week, the topic is… me. That’s right. Me. I actually have very little to say, but I’m trying to make more of an effort to keep this blog up to date, especially in weeks where we don’t have a chapter release, like this one. For […]

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Supporting Our Project

Hey folks! Just chiming in to say thank you so much for taking the time to read and enjoy Hollow Reign. It means a lot to us. We’re still working on amping up our social media game and setting up things online that might help more readers find the site, as well as adjusting to […]

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The Messy Road to Web Publishing

When I tell people I’ve decided to put Hollow Reign online for free, it tends to elicit two very different responses: HECK NO and HECK YES. The Heck No crowd are those who know me professionally, either through graduate school, a writing organization, a contest like #PitchMadness, YA Writer Twitter, or maybe a big conference […]

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