Chapters 23 & 24 Live

Happy update day! Today we bring you chapters twenty-three and twenty-four, now live for your enjoyment. Hard to believe it, but we’re now less than a month out from our first anniversary of being online. Of course, I’ve been working on Hollow Reign much longer than that… and I better get back to work, too! […]

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Chapter 20 is Up!

Sorry for the delay — I, uhm, am a teacher, and in my defense, I have been basically unconscious since school ended a week ago, and it didn’t occur to me until today that I’d missed the second Tuesday of the month. Whoopsie. Chapter 20 is now up, and it is a doozy, my friends. […]

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A Hiatus Update

So… I should’ve known that when I set a date for our hiatus to end and had the audacity to say, “we won’t be one of those cool new projects that gets you all excited and then ghost you!” life was going to whack us both and make me a liar. It’s now the end […]

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So, 2020. Yeah. 2020 has been a bit of a jerk. I don’t say this in the naïve way of thinking, “well, everything will magically change in 2021,” because the truth is, most of the most challenging things 2020 has thrown at us (us, as in both Rowan and I and us as the general […]

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Should You Trust Your Narrator?

Evening, folks. Just thought I’d give a brief update for the blog. I just finished a first draft of Chapter 32 and technically of 33, too. That one is a special one, however. Super excited for ya’ll to see it in June of 2021. 😉 We’re also working on revising and doing finishing touches for […]

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A Little More About the Writer

Morning, friends! For my contribution to the Hollow Blog this week, the topic is… me. That’s right. Me. I actually have very little to say, but I’m trying to make more of an effort to keep this blog up to date, especially in weeks where we don’t have a chapter release, like this one. For […]

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