Volume 2 Coming August 2022

Did you miss me, dear readers? Or did you forget that I was a human person and that Hollow Reign is, in fact, a thing? Not gonna lie… I would completely understand if the latter was the case. Summer has arrived, the academic year is about to end, and that means it’s time for me […]

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Chapters 25 + 26 Up

Whoops! I forgot to post our update on Tuesday evening. Chapters Twenty-Five and Twenty-Six are now live. Can you believe it’s almost been a year since we’ve been posting? Next update on August 10th, we’ll have a very special anniversary update… 🙂 Until then. ❤ -Vee

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Chapters 23 & 24 Live

Happy update day! Today we bring you chapters twenty-three and twenty-four, now live for your enjoyment. Hard to believe it, but we’re now less than a month out from our first anniversary of being online. Of course, I’ve been working on Hollow Reign much longer than that… and I better get back to work, too! […]

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Chapter 20 is Up!

Sorry for the delay — I, uhm, am a teacher, and in my defense, I have been basically unconscious since school ended a week ago, and it didn’t occur to me until today that I’d missed the second Tuesday of the month. Whoopsie. Chapter 20 is now up, and it is a doozy, my friends. […]

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A Hiatus Update

So… I should’ve known that when I set a date for our hiatus to end and had the audacity to say, “we won’t be one of those cool new projects that gets you all excited and then ghost you!” life was going to whack us both and make me a liar. It’s now the end […]

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