About the Creators

Volta Volgate


Vee (they/them/theirs) is a writer and teacher who lives in Orlando. They’ve been tinkering around with the Worlds of the Lumerian System for many, many years. When their head isn’t in the clouds, Vee spends their free time swimming, trying out new recipes, and doting on their beloved cat, Toni Bologna.

Their writing career includes numerous community-related journalism pieces, poetry, mixed-media, prose, and a Master of Arts in Creative Writing. They also teach K-3 reading to at risk kids in an undersupported school district in Florida.



Artist & Illustrator

Rowan (he/him/his) is a story artist and illustrator in Detroit. He’s been known to voraciously go through book after book in his spare time, as well as playing piano and kicking the crap out of puzzles. He’s also got a cat, a fat black one named Jedi who means the whole world to him. He is a recent art school graduate who’s goal is to breaking into TV Animation.