Alt Text: Volta (the author), Rowan (the illustrator), Pietro, and Jane drawn in chibi style, each looking horrifically overwhelmed, in a cuddle pile. Spirits of anxious energy spin around them overhead…

So, 2020. Yeah. 2020 has been a bit of a jerk.

I don’t say this in the naïve way of thinking, “well, everything will magically change in 2021,” because the truth is, most of the most challenging things 2020 has thrown at us (us, as in both Rowan and I and us as the general inhabitants of Earth and the U.S.) will not magically resolve at 12:01 on January 1st, 2021. I say this more in regard to specific us things.

Rowan is coping with a tragic loss and some difficult transitions in life in several dimensions. Not all of it is negative — much of it is — but positive stress is still stress. The same can be said for my life, too. In 2020, for COVID-related reasons, immediately after finishing grad school I lost my job and, not too long after, had to move across the country with family just to remain afloat. The resulting changes, while scary, led to wonderful new opportunities, most of which have been positive. But, of course, even within a space of positive and safe things, 2020 has not been forgiving.

And frankly? We both just need a nice, month-or-two long nap. Which is exactly what we’re taking. We’ll be back on January 21st.

So, don’t think this is the kind of indefinite hiatus where you start reading a cool new thing and then it suddenly never updates again. That’s not what this is. We just need a breather. I’ve written through Chapter 30 and plan to spend much of this time revising and working on scenery and other cool visual aspects of some distant planets we’ll get to visit soon, so rest assured, the hiatus has nothing to do with story-related hiccups or an intent to quit. We’re both very dedicated to this project and have been for more than a decade.

We just need a nap. And we hope you’ll come back when we do.

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