More Ways to Support Hollow Reign

Today we got 100 single hits on our site, which was a first! We’ve also just begun to work on our social media presence and web comic listing presence. We’re now on The Web Comics List and Top Web Comics, where you can vote for us. In fact, we’re currently listed as one of the latest comics on The Web Comics list:

Alt Text: A Screenshot from ‘The Webcomics List’ where we are listed under the Latest Comics header.

As we finish up building some new things for the site and get our full logo and character gallery up, we plan to do a bit more advertising (as in: actually purchase ads). This involves actual financing, however, and we’re simply not there yet. Until then, we’re focusing on doing some minor social media work and getting ourselves out there on LGBT-media lists. I’m also hoping to start doing some review exchanges.

What can you do to help? Mainly, keep sharing Hollow Reign! Recommend to friends, peers, and more. It would mean a lot to us!

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